Corruption Survey Interesting, Lacks Graphs or Data Organization

27 Oct

I am always a sucker for articles that compare, contrast and map trends; anything from the top ten entrepreneurship cities to the world’s cleanest cities will always catch my eye.  So it was only natural that the corruption survey on intrigued me.

The article, Corruption survey: Somalia is the worst was well written, and thorough and had a catchy build-in lede title.  The article referred to the CPI (Corruption Percentage Index) to analyze various aspects of a country such as embezzlement of public fund and bribery of public officials, and the countries were ranked on a scale of one to ten (one being the most corrupt.)  Denmark, New Zealand and Finland got the highest scores, while Somalia got the worst.

The article had a video embedded, but what it strongly lacked was a graph, pie chart, or numerical tool or organization of some sort; although a bar graph might not have been most effective (because of the 178 countries surveyed) it would have been helpful for some sort of numerical tool to demonstrate the range of scores.

A screenshot below shows the way the numbers were listed; as you can see, it looks a little bit dense.










I found it especially interesting that some emerging economic powerhouses such as China and India scored low on the scale with ratings of 3.5 and 3.3, respectively.


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