CNN Presents the Middle East In Unexpected Ways

29 Sep

Two articles caught my attention on CNN as I scrolled through the archives this past week.

The first, entitled “A kiss, a Rolls, a snake dancer: The Middle East through its own lens” was not only a gorgeous collection of photos, but an impressive mechanism of photojournalism that really serves to turn an image on its head. The “image” that I am referring to is that of the war-torn Middle East; instead, this compilation of photos depicts said part of the world in an entirely differently light. The first image that caught my eye was a woman in bell bottoms kissing a young girl’s cheek– a photo that I feel could have just as easily been found in my mother’s dusty albums that she keeps in our attic. Other photos include a woman in a two piece bathing suit with a snake wrapped around her (an image with definitely contradicts what I consider to be appropriate dress codes for Middle Eastern women), various self portraits of American-Egyptian photographer Van Leo and a gorgeous sepia tone landscape image entitled “On the Road to the Dead Sea.”

When I backtracked from this article, I noticed that it was part of a content package called “Inside the Middle East.”  The package contained a range of articles about various countries, religions, and life in the Middle East.  One particular article described Ramadan in detail, and linked to a blog entitled “Your faith: What does religion mean to you?”  Another article detailed popular Turkish body art.

I also enjoyed the article Belgian designers create buzz with high fashion-hijab.  The article describes how Belgian designers have been givien high fashion makeovers, and are being sold in a range of places, from Paris to Dubai.  The photo below is my favorite; it looks like it was taken straight out of Vogue.


I’m curious to look into the other content packages that live within the CNN site.


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